Some of Our Clients

"China" and "Simba" just got fixed, and do not appreciate their cones!
Dorothy and "Tramp", one of four boys from a feral litter.
"Not only were they kind enough to come by and help me give my 2 baby kitties their first set of vaccination shots, but also showed me how to trim their nails, and helped me give them their first bath as I was hesitant to do it myself. As you can see, 'Kailina' was most appreciative! Thanks! You went above and beyond!" - Raquel
Susan, Lehandrah, Schaunte, David with "Timba", "Boo", "Lurlee" and "Amore"
Savannah and her kitten "Bob"
Rescued momma cat "Molly" had seven (yikes!) black kittens.
"We can't thank you enough for all that you've done for us. Your love for animals shows--and we love you too!" - "Bear", "Kaitlin", Daryl, and Kandi

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