Our Mission

Shots For Spays is part of a San Diego county community effort to reduce cat and dog overpopulation and promote spay/neuter education. We believe that animal overpopulation can be combated through spay/neuter incentive programs, and that affordable pet care is available to everyone.

How It Works

  1. Shots For Spays will provide assistance administering a vaccine to your cat or dog.
  2. You as the owner have your pet fixed within three weeks (we provide low cost spay/neuter referrals).
  3. After confirming your pet has been fixed, we assist you with administering a booster vaccine to your pet.
Shots For Spays provides its vaccines and services gratuitously (free of charge), though donations are appreciated!
Fixed puppies
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Shots For Spays offers assistance to pet owners with administering vaccines to their own pets and does not offer or claim to offer any veterinary care, diagnoses, treatment, or advice whatsoever. Shots For Spays does not engage in the practice of veterinary medicine. We will not diagnose or treat any animal-related ailment, nor do we prescribe or advise on treatment or veterinary care. For questions, concerns and/or advice on your pet’s health or medical care, please consult your veterinarian.